This blog is for…

the dreamers who wake up every morning to make things happen,

the misfits who have not yet found a group of like-minded people to share and discuss their grandiose ideas with,

the ambitious souls who refuse to settle for a mediocre life,

the achievers, who aim high and who do not want to stay stagnant,

and those of you who believe that you are meant to be more, continuously searching for tips, knowledge, and inspiration that you can use to be a better version of yourself, so you can transform your vision into a reality.

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Let me get this straight, I am not a guru, nor a savant or some personal development expert. I am simply a regular person with goals who like to learn from others.

I created this blog to share the things I learn from the books I read, the people I meet, and other materials I consume, such as movies and TV shows – yes, I find inspiration and knowledge everywhere ;).

I believe in the importance of practicing self-discipline to achieve goals and to have a good state of mind. This blog is to also help myself practice more self-discipline by writing the things I learn regularly.

My mantra: Self-discipline will not only empower you and help you achieve your goals, it will also set you free… free from chaos, anxiety, and regret, which lack of discipline creates.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.